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Reduce Suffering Through Disaster Planning

StoneRoad is a consulting and training firm, specializing in Business Continuity Management (BCM).

A BCM program is a proactive and responsive combination of measures taken to minimize the recovery time and impacts for a business to resume operations when a disaster strikes. We focus on custom service to ensure you have the right tools to develop, implement and maintain a Business Continuity Management program suited to your specific organizational needs.

Testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans:
How to Plan and Execute Successful Tests

Announcing the new book by Business Continuity Management (BCM) / Disaster Recovery Planning (DR) subject matter expert A.Alex Fullick.

In the world before 9/11, making contingencies for disaster recovery was a conversation stopper. Those who joined corporate DR planning committees were often viewed skeptically as shirkers avoiding "real work", or worse yet, employee's intent on committing career suicide by championing make-work projects. Then the world changed. Forever...

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Reduce Suffering Through Disaster Planning

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